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Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Legislative Update & Bill Lists - April 14, 2020

From Government Strategies:

The General Assembly met until late yesterday evening and before adjourning they had: 

- Acted to override five bills vetoed by the Governor, SB 2, SB 5, HB 150, HB 195, and HB 336.
- Deliver another 11 bills to the Governor/Secretary of State
- Take floor action on another half dozen bills that will need some additional concurrence today.

The legislature will meet today for the final day of the 2020 Regular Session and we expect them to consider:

- The Governor's vetoes of the budget and revenue bills
- COVID-19 relief/recovery bill
- Possibly a dozen other bills still awaiting final legislative action.

During the General Assembly, you can view the following bill lists updated nightly.