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Thursday, April 14, 2022

2022 KY Session Ajourns

Sine Die Adjournment
The 2022 Session of the Kentucky General Assembly came to a close this evening shortly after 6pm when the House and Senate adjourned sine die. Before they adjourned the legislature gave final passage to several bills, including:

HB 604 - HB 1 - Budget clean up
HB 659 - HB 8 - tax and revenue clean up 
HB 573 - Addressing health care workers
HB 490 - Transportation/Road Project clean up
HB 92 - Opioid abatement settlement funding formula
SB 90 - Criminal diversion for low level offenders 
SB 163 - KEES scholarships for felons
HB 44 - Student mental health that contains SB 1 fix
SB 178 - Alcohol and drug counselors that contains KEHP pharmacy database and postpartum Medicaid coverage
SB 167 - Override of Governor's veto on library board governance
SB 180 - Merging the Labor & Education and Workforce Cabinets

As in all sessions many bills don't make it across the finish line for passage and here are a few of the more notable bills not considered in the session's final days:

HB 606 - Sports wagering
HB 608 - Outlawing illegal gambling machines
HB 475 - Constitutional amendment on local government tax reform

The legislature will stand in adjournment until January 3, 2023 unless called into special session by the Governor. We expect the Interim Joint Committees to begin meeting in June. 

We will have a final session report out to you this weekend.

Wednesday, April 13, 2022

KY Legislative Update - Day 59

And Then There Was One

The General Assembly ended Day 59 just after 10pm on Wednesday after a busy day that saw a significant amount of floor action. When all was said and done the House and Senate overrode gubernatorial vetoes on 29 bills in full and 21 budget line-item vetoes. They also took action on half a dozen concurrences, appointment and reports of several conference committees, and positioned several bills for committee action on Thursday. 

Heading into the day there were a few outstanding items needing action and all still need action on the session's final day to make it to the Governor's desk, including:

House Bill 475 (Local tax reform)

House Bill 608 (Gray machines)

House Bill 659 (Historic tax credits; potential vehicle for tax fixes)

Senate Bill 163 (Expanding KEES access)

Senate Bill 90 (Criminal Diversion) 

House HB 490 (Counterfeit Airbags; potential vehicle for road project fixes)

House Bill 44 (Mental Health in Schools; potential for SB 1 fix) 

We expect several committees to meet on the session's final day, including Senate Appropriations & Revenue, Senate Transportation & Senate Judiciary.

The General Assembly gavels back in for the final day of the 2022 Session on Thursday when they will adjourn Sine Die before midnight. The Senate and House will convene at 10am.

You can watch the proceedings of the final day of the Kentucky General Assembly live on KET at

We will send an update tomorrow evening upon Sine Die adjournment and a final session report this weekend.