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Sunday, March 24, 2013

General Assembly Session to Resume

With the Veto Recess period ending this weekend, the General Assembly is set to reconvene on Monday, March 25 for the final two days of the legislative session. Although these final two days are generally reserved for overriding vetoes and not considering legislation yet to pass both Chambers, it is likely that we will see the General Assembly do just that on Monday and Tuesday. We expect at this point that March 26 will be the final day of the 2013 Regular Session, however by the constitution the General Assembly could hold the last day of the session as late as Saturday, March 30 if needed. The only foreseeable reason for legislators to need the extra time next week would be in regards to final negotiations for a compromise on the pension reform issue. Right now that doesn't seem necessary, but as the two sides continue to meet that may change. The pension reform issue has dominated the politics of this session and if a compromise cannot be reached surrounding how increased future contributions will be funded a special session on the topic may be necessary.