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Thursday, April 16, 2020

KY Legislative Update - Updated w/ Bill Lists

**We are reissuing our update to make a couple of corrections and add in links to the updated bill lists.

Sine Die

The 2020 Regular Session of the Kentucky General Assembly came to a close this evening on the constitutionally mandated adjournment date of April 15. Each General Assembly session is unique, however this one was stranger than most with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic forcing the legislature to shorten the session by seven legislative days, pushing aside many bills deemed too controversial given the crisis, and requiring the adoption of a one-year budget due to an expected drop in tax revenues.

On the session's final two days there was significant legislative action, including:

- Overriding all budget line items vetoed by the Governor in HB 351HB 352HB 353HB 354, and HB 356.
- Overriding five bills vetoed by the Governor, SB 2SB 5HB 150HB 195, and HB 336
- Passage of several COVID-19 matters: 
  • HR 135 that creates an Emergency Preparedness Task Force 
  • HB 387 that allows budget flexibility for the Governor to buy PPE  
- Several constitutional amendments were passed, including SB 15 Marsy's Law
SB 191 that would provide for employer sponsored substance use disorder programs was given final passage
- The Senate confirmed Governor Beshear's appointments to the Kentucky Board of Education, except for the Chair, and the Senate confirmed Sharon Clark as Insurance Commissioner.

Those bills passed the final two days of the session are subject to review by the Governor and potentially could be vetoed, without legislators having the ability to override.

In all, nearly a hundred bills were passed by the General Assembly this session. You can view updated bill lists at the links below.

Transportation Bill List

In the next few days we will be preparing an end of session report summarizing legislative activity of particular interest to you to aide in your compliance efforts.