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Friday, March 29, 2019

KY Legislative Update - Sine Die

Sine Die
The 2019 regular session of the General Assembly came to a close just before midnight when legislators finalized their work on several issues on the 30th legislative day. Among the items considered on the final legislative day, that were passed without the ability for the General Assembly to override any vetoes that may be issued, were: 

HB 458 - Was amended to become a supplemental revenue measure to clean up various tax changes that amend the tax bill passed earlier this session, HB 354. In addition, the General Assembly passed HB 346 with amendment to amend the budget to transfer funds from the Rainy Day fund to pay for the tax changes in HB 458.

SB 18 to require certain accommodations by employers for employees affected by pregnancy or childbirth.

- SB 175, which revised the school assessment and accountability system was passed after an additional amendment was filed today to broker a compromise on the issue.

- HB 11 to ban the use of tobacco in schools, unless the local school board opts out.

- HB 358 that allows quasi-entities and regional universities to exit from the current retirement system was passed after action by a Free Conference Committee.

In addition, the House and Senate did override two vetoes issued by the Governor earlier this week on HB 4 and HB 268. HB 4 amends the legislative review process of administrative regulations. The legislature opted to only override one of the Governor's two vetoes on HB 268, which made amendments to the 2018 biennial budget. The legislature opted to override the veto dealing with the grant procedures of Area Development Districts in seeking certain federal funds

When the General Assembly adjourned it did so until January 7, 2020 or until called into special session by the Governor. 

We will provide a final summary of the 2019 session in the coming days.