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Tuesday, May 21, 2019

KY Election Results - May Primary

Kentuckians went to the polls today to determine the Republican and Democrat nominees for Kentucky's Five Constitutional Officers. The unofficial results (97.5% reporting) and key takeaways are below:

1. It will be Gov. Bevin vs Beshear for the Governor's Mansion in November. Governor Bevin fended off a primary challenge from State Rep. Robert Goforth garnering 52% of the Republican primary vote to earn the GOP nomination. Attorney General Andy Beshear won a hotly contested Democrat primary with 38% of the Democrat vote.

2. Cameron wins contested race to be GOP nominee for Attorney General. The Republican primary for Attorney General was a hotly contested election, but ultimately ended up being won by Daniel Cameron who was supported by Mitch McConnell and openly expressed his support for President Trump's agenda. He will face Democrat nominee and former Attorney General Greg Stumbo in November. 

3. The leading vote getter in the May primary was a Democrat. In a state that trends heavy in voter registration and at the ballot box for Republicans it was Democrat nominee for Secretary of State Heather French Henry who was the leading vote getter in the May primary with more than 250,000 votes.

Unofficial Results (97.5% reporting)

Governor - GOP 
Matthew G. BEVIN / Ralph A. ALVARADO 130910 51.88
Robert GOFORTH / Michael T. HOGAN 99705 39.51
Ike LAWRENCE / James Anthony ROSE 8078         3.2
William E. WOODS / Justin B. MILLER 13642 5.41

Governor - DEM
Rocky ADKINS / Stephanie HORNE         123745 32.75
Andy BESHEAR / Jacqueline COLEMAN 142618 37.75
Adam H. EDELEN / Gill HOLLAND         102856 27.22
Geoffrey M. YOUNG / Joshua N. FRENCH     8584   2.27

Secretary of State - GOP
Michael G. ADAMS        91499 41.21
Andrew ENGLISH        60844 27.41
Stephen L. KNIPPER        40296 18.15
Carl NETT                        29378 13.23

Secretary of State - DEM
Jason S. BELCHER        46066 12.97
Jason GRIFFITH        45888 12.92
Heather French HENRY   251773 70.87
Geoff SEBESTA         11544 3.25

Attorney General - GOP
Daniel CAMERON 128530 55.31
Wil SCHRODER 103853 44.69

Auditor - DEM
Kelsey Hayes COOTS 91965 33.31
Sheri DONAHUE        129246 46.81
Chris TOBE                  54916 19.89

Treasurer - DEM
Michael BOWMAN       208954 66.41
Josh MERS               105694 33.59

Agriculture Commissioner - GOP
Bill POLYNIAK           40725 17.77
Ryan F. QUARLES 188462 82.23

Agriculture Commissioner - DEM
Robert Haley CONWAY 194325 60.19
Joe TRIGG                 128545 39.81

We will have more analysis in the days ahead. 

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