Kentucky Political News Headlines

Friday, March 15, 2019

Time for Recess

The 2019 Session of the Kentucky General Assembly completed its 29th day and adjourned for the Veto Recess shortly before midnight tonight. The bills passed during this session now head to the Governor's Desk for consideration of veto action. The General Assembly returns for the 30th and final legislative day on March 28 to consider overriding any vetoes, bringing final action to any remaining bills, and sine die adjournment.

Before commencing the veto recess tonight the legislature brought final action to several bills after a marathon day of floor action. Noteworthy bills that passed this session include:

- SB 1, an act relating to school safety, Sen. Max Wise
- HB 354, a correction to the 2018 tax reform legislation, that included a fix to the misapplied sales tax on nonprofit admissions and changes to the bank franchise tax, Rep. Rudy
- HB 268, corrections to the 2018 budget that included funding for State Parks, Rep. Rudy
- SB 250 that would strengthen some powers of the JCPS superintendent, Sen. Julie Raque Adams
- SB 7 to clarify and allow arbitration agreements as a condition of employment, Senate President Stivers
- SB 100 net metering reform, Sen. Brandon Smith
- SB 4, an act relating to elections, Sen. Damon Thayer
- HB 4, an act relating to administrative regulations, Rep. Ken Upchurch
- Several Social Issues - We didn't list all of the bill numbers here, but the House and Senate spent a significant amount of activity this session on issue that passed like: allowing permitless carry of a concealed weapon, prayer and religious freedom in schools and universities, and several abortion bills.

Obviously we did not list all of the bills of interest from this session, but we will be following up with a weekly report on client specific issues as usual. If you have questions don't hesitate to contact us.