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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

GA Leaders Elected

GA Leaders Elected

The 2015 General Assembly Session is underway and as in all odd-numbered year sessions, the legislature takes these first four days to swear in new members and get organized. The first order of business is leadership elections.

After a bruising election cycle that ended in November, both Democrats and Republicans had contested leadership elections that were decided this evening.

The 2015-16 Majority Leaders are:

Speaker Greg Stumbo
Speaker Pro-Tem Jody Richards - This position was vacated by Rep. Larry Clark
Majority Floor Leader Rocky Adkins
Majority Whip Johnny Bell
Majority Caucus Chair Sannie Overly

The 2015-16 Minority Leadership Team is:

Minority Leader Jeff Hoover
Minority Whip Stan Lee - This position was vacated by Rep. Bam Carney
Minority Caucus Chairman Jim Decesare - This position was vacated by Rep. Bob Deweese

In the Senate today they formally recognized the leadership elections they made over the last month in previously held caucus meetings.

The Senate Republican Leadership team is:

President Robert Stivers
President Pro-Tem David Givens
Majority Floor Leader Damon Thayer
Majority Whip Jimmy Higdon
Majority Caucus Chair Dan Seum

The new 2015-16 Senate Minority leaders are:

Minority Floor Leader Ray Jones
Minority Whip Gerald Neal
Minority Caucus Chair Julian Carroll

All of the House results are unofficial and we will have further analysis and information on the leadership elections, committee chairs, and committee assignments as the week continues.