Kentucky Political News Headlines

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Candidate Filings

The Field is Set

The deadline to file to run for a constitutional office in 2015 came and went today at 4:30. HERE you will find a complete listing of those candidates who have filed to run for the offices of Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State, Treasurer, Auditor and Agriculture Commissioner, as well as candidates to fill the unexpired Supreme Court term. 

The top prize in Kentucky politics is the Governor's Mansion and filing for that office was heavy with 6 candidates in the race; 2 Democrats and 4 Republicans. Here is a run down:

Attorney General Jack Conway - Front runner and likely to win the nomination
Geoff Young - Not a serious threat to Conway

Agriculture Commissioner Jamie Comer - Has a large statewide base and good name recognition
Hal Heiner - A businessman from Louisville, who has pledged significant personal financial support to his efforts
Justice Will Scott - He left the bench to run for Governor. Will try to play on his popularity in the 5th district to compete in primary
Matt Bevin - A businessman who ran against Mitch McConnell in US Senate primary will try to play on his name recognition in primary

More analysis in the days ahead.