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Monday, June 10, 2019

Interim Joint Education Committee - June

The Interim Joint Education committee met and heard testimony on early childhood education and homeschooling. There was also opposition testimony to the social studies standards reg from Dick Innes, Bluegrass Institute, but there was no action on the reg and no legislator questions. 

Linda Hampton, Governor's Office of Early Childhood gave an overview of Early Childhood Education in Kentucky, here slides are HERE and the relevant points and legislator questions are below:

- ESSA Preschool Development Grant - KY received $10.6 planning grant 1 year. Poised to receive continuing funding for actual work that is expected to be over $20 million for multiple years
- Gave multiple examples of counties where schools and child care centers working together on grant applications by collaborating on services

- NGA grant of $25,000 related to prenatal-3rd grade to align education standards.

Homeschooling Presentation - This was a repeat of an OEA presentation of their report on homeschooling that can be found HERE. The committee seemed interested in general about 2 items based on their questions: 1. Should there be more standards for homeschool teachers and 2. How do you prevent parents from claiming they are homeschooling a student mid-year after several absences have occurred.