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Monday, June 10, 2019

BR Subcommittee on Economic Development, Tourism, and Environmental Protection - June

The Subcommittee heard presentations from the Tourism Arts and Heritage Cabinet  (TAH) and the Public Protection Cabinet (PPC).  Presentations can be accessed HERE.

Speaking for TAH was Cabinet Secretary Don Parkinson, Deputy Secretary Regina Stivers, and Finance Director Chris Reece.  These officials gave an overview of the agencies included in the Cabinet and budget updates for the various agencies. There was a more detailed update on the KY Department of Parks “Restoring the Finest” program which is focused on necessary improvements to parks across Kentucky and a look at how funding as been allocated to this point as well as future plans to continue needed improvements. Specifics can be found in the presentation. The Kentucky Horse Park and Kentucky Venues also provided updates. The Presentation concluded with Secretary Parkinson discussing priorities for the next budget cycle, while recognizing that the Cabinet is very early in the budgeting process.

Presenting for PPC were Secretary Gail Russell, ABC Commissioner Carol Beth Martin, and Director Matthew Thacker with the Office of Administrative Services

Following an overview of agencies within the Cabinet, the presenters shared that the Budget priorities for the next budget session will be:

Maintain baseline appropriations for all agencies, plus additional increase in defined calculations as determined by Office of State Budget Director.
Ask for additional revenue/flexibility for the Housing Buildings and Construction Division of Fire Prevention.
Appropriations increase for KY Horse Racing Commission.

Of the Agency Updates, the following items of interest were mentioned:

Department of Insurance
20M in General Fund transfers
Have received a federal grant to review healthcare cost drivers in the individual market
In the process of implementing a handful of reforms to increase agent licensing efficiency and decrease costs for agents

Department of Charitable Gaming – Initiatives include:
Eliminating or amending 100% of regulations
Improved online training opportunities
Increased focus that gaming is conducted by legitimate charitable organizations.

Department of Financial Institutions
3M in General Fund transfers
Partnering with other agencies to provide training and outreach to consumers and licensees
Implementation of the Nationwide Multistate Licensing System

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