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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Election Update

2014 Election Update

Kentuckians went to the polls today after what has been a contentious campaign season. The U.S. Senate race between Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and Alison Lundergan Grimes and control of the state House were in question.  All six Congressional seats were up  with half of the State Senate and numerous local races also on the ballot.

Below are the unofficial results based on current information available. We will provide a more extensive summary and analysis in the coming days. 

U.S. Senate - McConnell Wins

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell was challenged by Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes. After what many thought would be a close race, McConnell won by what appears to be 15% points.  After the race was called early in the evening, the big question became whether a Republican wave would follow, especially in the State House races.

KY State House of Representatives - Democrats Maintain Majority

After millions of dollars were poured into State House races, it looks like the evening ends in a wash.  The House Democrats held a 54-46 majority going into tonight and while it appears the margin will stay the same, some races still aren't final at this time.

Of the 100 House seats, there were 52 contested races.  The Democrats held 28 of those seats, while the Republicans held 24. 

Two House Democrat incumbents did fall - Rep. Jimmie Lee and Rep. Richard Henderson.  One Republican incumbent, Rep. Toby Herald, also appears to have been defeated.

Details on House races to follow, after all races have been called.

Congress - All 6 Incumbents Win

Incumbent Kentucky Congressmen, Whitfield, Guthrie, Yarmuth, Massie, Rogers, and Barr all handily win reelection.

State Senate - Republicans pick up 2 seats (plus 1)

The Senate Republicans now hold the majority by a margin of 26-12.  The numbers going into tonight were 23-14-1, although the Independent caucused as a Republican.  

Of the Senate races, the most interesting was the loss by incumbent and Senate Minority Leader RJ Palmer to a Republican physician, Ralph Alvarado.  Alvarado will be the first Latino elected to the Kentucky General Assembly.

Former House member CB Embry (R) wins in Madisonville which is currently a Democratic seat.

Supreme Court - Keller wins

In the only contested Supreme Court race, incumbent Michelle Keller defeated Teresa Cunningham.

You can find various media reports of the election results from across the state in our KY Political News email tomorrow morning.  Again, we will provide a detailed breakdown as it relates to the Kentucky Legislature in the coming days.