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Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Session Update - Day 58

Day 58 of the 60-day Legislative Session came to an end at approximately 11pm this evening, starting the veto recess that will last until the General Assembly reconvenes on April 13 & 14 to consider any gubernatorial vetoes--of which there may be several--and wrap up unfinished business. Before adjourning this evening, the General Assembly did bring several pieces of major legislation to final passage, including:


House Bill 1 - The state's executive branch budget

House Bill 7 - Public Assistance Reform

House Bill 274 - Transportation Improvement Districts

House Bill 315 - Broadband Infrastructure

House Bill 499 - Employee Childcare Assistance Partnership

House Bill 607 - Pari-mutuel wagering

House Bill 745 - Product Development Initiative


The General Assembly will return on April 13 at 11am ET (Senate) and 12pm ET (House) for the 59th day of session.     


If you have any questions regarding this legislation or any other bills, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. A more in-depth report of this week's actions will be distributed this weekend.