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Wednesday, March 17, 2021

KY Legislative Update - Time for Recess

Time For Recess
The General Assembly completed their 28th legislative day just before midnight on March 16 commencing the Veto Recess. The Governor will have until March 27 to veto any bills before the legislature reconvenes on March 29 & 30 for the final two legislative days of the 2021 Session.

Before adjourning tonight the legislature brought final passage to several bills, most notably:

HB 563 - School Choice - Creates education opportunity accounts that can be used to pay for a list of academic expenses including out of district tuition and private school tuition as well as creating a tax credit for charitable contributions into these accounts

HB 320 - Broadband - A measure to appropriate $250 million of federal funding for broadband deployment and to allow electric distribution cooperatives to capitalize broadband deployment was passed unanimously through the House and Senate after a Senate committee substitute was adopted.

HB 413 - Unemployment Insurance - Legislation to freeze the employer tax rate, suspend the employer surcharge, and other changes that will address increasing employer costs due to COVID-19.

HB 249 - The "revenue" bill that moves alongside the budget that contains several tax administration and compliance changes along with tax policy changes.

HB 126 - A bill to increase Kentucky's felony theft threshold to update for inflation and provide some minimal criminal justice reform

HB 372 - Legislation that provides a sales and use tax exemption for data centers passed with an amendment that allows for a remote worker tax credit.

HB 405 - A supplemental appropriations bill that contains KSP salary changes, AG staffing increases, a $2 increase in Childcare Assistance Program amongst others.

Please note that many bills that were passed with changes tonight have not yet been made publicly available. We will review and update you in our weekly report later this week.