Kentucky Political News Headlines

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Governor Beshear Takes Office

Beshear Takes Office

Today Frankfort was filled with ceremonies and festivities surrounding the swearing-in of Andy Beshear as the 63rd Governor of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. To read a copy of Gov. Beshear's inaugural address click here and Lt. Gov. Jacqueline Coleman's inauguration day remarks are available here.

Two other items of note were announced today:

- Gov. Beshear followed through on a campaign promise to reorganize the Kentucky Board of Education, which he did via this Executive Order. He also appointed new members to serve on that Board. Several of the board members that were replaced have filed suit to stop this action and a copy of their complaint can be viewed here

- Gov. Beshear also announced today that he will sign an Executive Order on Thursday restoring voting rights for 100,000 felons. This was also a promise made during the campaign.

We expect additional appointments and announcements to be made this week and we will share those as appropriate.