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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Special Election Results

Special Election Results

Kentuckians in two legislative districts went to the polls on Tuesday to fill two open legislative seats, the 13th Senate seat vacated by Kathy Stein and the 7th House seat vacated by John Arnold. Results and some narrative about the races is below: 

7th House - Suzanne Miles (R) defeated Kim Humphrey (D) by a mere 112 votes to become the new State Representative for the 7th District. The seat was previously held by a Democrat, so this is a net pick up for House Republicans. The Democrat Majority in the House now stands at 54-46. Historically, this is a very narrow margin in the House, which has been exclusively controlled by Democrats in modern times. This article has more on the race, including how Miles was able to capitalize on new Daviess County precincts added during redistricting.

13th Senate - Reggie Thomas (D) beat out two opponents to replace Kathy Stein as the new Senator from the 13th District in Fayette County. Thomas garnered 4040 votes to Independent candidate Maloney's 2617 and Republican Michael Johnson's 851. The vote totals were very low with only 11% turnout for this special election. Maloney, the Independent and former Democrat, had run hard against Thomas in a heavily registered Democrat district. The seat was previously controlled by Democrats, so it doesn't impact the balance of power in the Senate which is controlled by Republicans 23-14 and 1 Independent. This article has more on the race.

We will have more analysis in the days ahead.