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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

NCSL Paper on Sequestration

NCSL recently published THIS paper on sequestration and the impact on the states. Examples of what states can expect in terms of reduced funding:

- $1 billion plus for Title One education programs.
- Nearly $1 billion in special education (IDEA) funding, moving the federal government even further
from its decades-old promise to provide up to 40 percent of special education costs.
- Eight of 11 block grants are reduced, including four health, two human services and two community
development block grants.
- Programs with unfunded or underfunded mandates—including Real ID, No Child Left Behind Act,
homeland and border security programs, Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, and the state
criminal alien assistance program—would be further underfunded or remain unfunded.
- $200 million or so in Clean Water and Safe Drinking Water Revolving Fund infrastructure loan
support would be lost.
- Head Start would experience an approximate $600 million reduction.
- Unemployment Insurance administrative support would decline by more than $200 million.