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Friday, July 20, 2012

Subcommittee on Energy - Alternative Fuels

The Subcommittee on Energy met today in Frankfort and heard two presentation regarding alternative transportation fuels. 

The first was made by two UK researchers who have a federal grant to utilize biomass to create butinol through on farm processing. Legislators were generally very skeptical of whether the combination of our small farms and the economic analysis would make this viable for Kentucky farmers. A copy of the presentation can be downloaded HERE.

The second presentation was made by Melissa Howell, Executive Director of the Kentucky Clean Fuels Coalition. Her presentation was an update of the various projects from ethanol to natural gas refilling stations and various others. The committee only had one specific question, which was the position of the Clean Fuels Coalition on how to fund the Transportation Budget, which relies heavily on motor fuels tax, as more electric vehicles hit the road. Ms. Howell basically said that they were a non-profit that pushed for clean fuels and didn't take a position on those type of issues. A copy of the presentation can be downloaded HERE.