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Friday, April 13, 2012

Session Ends

The General Assembly brought the 2012 Session to a close on their final legislative day just before midnight on Thursday adjourning Sine Die. The major items of unfinished business for the final day were passage of the 6 year road plan,the Transportation Budget, and legislation to crack down on "pill mills." When all was said and done the only item that received final passage was the Road Plan, however without the corresponding Transportation Budget there was no money appropriated for the plan.

It appeared most of the day that agreements existed on all three items, however it appears that those dissolved over political brinksmanship related to overriding the Governor's budget vetoes and whether the Governor would sign the Road Plan without the Transportation Budget. The Session ended much how it began.

This Session was slow out of the gate, mired in political battles over redistricting and casino gambling. However, the session ended with a flurry with over 100 bills passing in the last 11 days. Among those bills were several notable accomplishments, including: approval of the State Budget, legislation to crack down on Meth labs, and unemployment insurance reforms. These lack of action on the transportation budget and pill mill legislation puts a blemish on what had been a productive end to the session.

When the General Assembly adjourned they did so until January 8, 2013, though a special session to address the transportation budget may be on the horizon.