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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Kentucky's top woman wins praise from governor

A good profile of Mary Lassiter, Secretary of the Governor's Cabinet and Budget Director, by the Herald-Leader. Lassiter is representative of the type of veteran state government officials that Governor Beshear relies on to run State Government.

Kentucky's top woman wins praise from governor: "In her trademark pantsuit, a folder of papers tucked under her arm, Mary Lassiter dashes down a marbled corridor in the state Capitol, a rare sighting this time of year when she spends most of her time pouring over data she'll use to develop the governor's next budget proposal.

Lassiter has risen through the ranks of state government during the past 27 years from number cruncher to the governor's chief adviser at a tumultuous time of sharp budget cuts totaling some $800 million this year alone. And she's winning praise from Gov. Steve Beshear for her 'clear-eyed leadership and guidance' at a time of financial crisis.

With a projected shortfall of some $900 million over the next two years, Beshear said he's counting on Lassiter to help get Kentucky back to financial stability.

'Because of her efforts, we are in a stronger position than many other states despite the terrible economy,' Beshear said.

Lassiter, 48, a native of Sikeston, Mo., came to Kentucky after high school, attended Murray State University as a freshman before transferring to the University of Kentucky where she received bachelor's and master's degrees in business administration."